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Xenoic® Products

Xenoic® brand products are high quality items designed for ion chromatography applications and fits to all types of instruments and systems. Order Xenoic® products by using the Diduco webshop, or by contacting info@diduco.com or your local chromatography supplier.


Suppressed ion chromatography with any system

For trace level analysis of anions in numerous applications.

  • Efficient: Minimum background and maximum sensitivity

  • Flexible: Fits to many ion chromatography systems

  • Robust: Continuous unattended operation for months

  • Compatible with SeQuant SAMS & CARS by Merck Millipore

Suppressors are needed when performing trace analysis of anions in the low ppm range (mg/L) using conductivity detection. The purpose of the suppressor is to enhance signal-to-noise ratio by increasing sensitivity and reducing the background. The suppressor accomplish this by removing eluent cations and replacing them with hydronium ions (protons), thereby neutralizing the eluent. The suppressor is thus connected downstream of the separation column, before the detector.

XAMS and ASUREX can be used together with different brands of columns and detectors and fits to many ion chromatography systems.


Anion membrane suppressor​

XAMS is an efficient and robust chemically regenerated membrane suppressor that is easy to use. With the XAMS in your ion chromatography system you will reach maximum sensitivity and minimum background for numerous analyses using eluents containing either hydroxide or carbonate.


Automatic suppressor regenerator

The ASUREX suppressor regenerator is designed to provide optimum conditions for the XAMS anion membrane suppressor. Its extrernal regeration cartridge holds enough protons for months of unattended operation of the XAMS. The continuously circulated ultra-pure AS1 solution acts as a shuttle, delivering protons from the AR1 cartridge to the XAMS suppressor, while returning eluent cations back to the cartridge for permanent deposition. 


Xenoic® products

Exchange interval

12-48 months*

12-48 months*




6-24 months*

6-24 months*

















*Product lifetime depends on the analysis situation. Dirty samples will contaminate the XAMS suppressor and reduce its lifetime. Strong eluents, gradient separations, fast flow rates and over night eluent pumping will consume the capacity of the ASUREX-AR1 cartridge faster and reduce its lifetime. The AS1 solution is typically exchanged with the cartridge.

**Compatibility indicated by product numbers of SeQuant brand SAMS and CARS items from Merck Millipore.



Automatic regenerator
for XAMS suppressors


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