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Hydroxide gradient elution

Suppressing eluents up to at least 50 mM

Example of Xenoic® XAMS suppressor and ASUREX-A200 automatic regenerator enhancing sensitivity and reducing background and noise during hydroxide elution 1-50 mM.

Hydroxide gradient separation of organic acids and inorganic anions on an IonPac AS11-HC column (250x4 mm) using an eluent containing 1-50 mM NaOH in water pumped at 1.0 mL/min at 30 °C. Background reduced by XAMS suppressor with ASUREX-A200 automatic regenerator keeping the background increase <1.5 µS/cm from start to finish. An inert Shimadzu Prominence system with modules CMB-20A, 2x LC-20Ai, DGU-203R, SIL-20AC, CTO-20A, and CDD-10Avp was used. Injection of 50 µL of fluoride (1), lactate (2), glycolate (3), formate (4), pyruvate (5), chloride (6), nitrite (7), malate (8), tartrate (9), bromide (10), nitrate (11), sulfate (12), oxalate (13), phosphate (14), citrate (15), at concentrations ranging from 4 to 40 mg/L in water, giving signals up to 50 µS/cm.