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Xenoic® ASUREX-A200

New automatic regenerator for XAMS suppressors

Small and efficient with an attractive design. When regenerated with ASUREX-A200, the XAMS suppressor is capable of suppressing strong eluents and gradients, while occupying a minimum of lab space.

Enhanced suppressor performance

The ASUREX-A200 regenerator enhances the performance of the XAMS suppressor. Now your XAMS can suppress strong eluents in anion chromatography and handle gradients up to about 70 mM hydroxide at 1 mL/min, without increasing the background level and noise significantly. The ASUREX-A200 is equipped with a holder for the ASUREX-AR1 cartridge, has a footprint of only 14x14 cm, and is powered by a 9 V external power supply, making it convenient to install in laboratories all around the world.

Easy and flexible operation

The ASUREX-A200 is very easy to operate. One single push-button controls all manual functions and a multi-colored LED ring indicates the status of the built-in pump. The ASUREX-A200 regenerator can also be controlled remotely by your IC or HPLC system. This function can be used to automatically turn on ASUREX-A200 when your instrument starts up, and to shut down the regenerator after your analysis sequence has completed.

Additional info and ordering

Contact Diduco for more information about the ASUREX-A200 or to place your order. For general info about the XAMS suppressor and the ASUREX regenerator technology, visit the page for Xenoic® products.



Automatic regenerator
for XAMS suppressors


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Example gradient separation

Gradient separation of organic acids and inorganic anions with hydroxide eluent ranging from 1 to 50 mM while background and noise was reduced with XAMS suppressor and ASUREX-A200.

Fig. 1. Hydroxide gradient separation of organic acids and inorganic anions on an IonPac AS11-HC column (250x4 mm) using an eluent containing 1-50 mM NaOH in water pumped at 1.0 mL/min at 30 °C. Background reduced by XAMS suppressor with ASUREX-A200 automatic regenerator keeping the background increase <1.5 µS/cm from start to finish. An inert Shimadzu Prominence system with modules CMB-20A, 2x LC-20Ai, DGU-203R, SIL-20AC, CTO-20A, and CDD-10Avp was used. Injection of 50 µL of fluoride (1), lactate (2), glycolate (3), formate (4), pyruvate (5), chloride (6), nitrite (7), malate (8), tartrate (9), bromide (10), nitrate (11), sulfate (12), oxalate (13), phosphate (14), citrate (15), at concentrations ranging from 4 to 40 mg/L in water, giving signals up to 50 µS/cm.