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Diduco is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of knowledge-intensive materials and tools for separation, purification, synthesis & catalysis, serving chemical science & biotechnology all over the world.

Under the registered brand name Xenoic®, Diduco AB provide tools for ion chromatography, including the XAMS suppressor and the ASUREX automatic regenerators, plus accessories. The set-up with XAMS and ASUREX can be connected to any IC or HPLC system with conductivity detector, to accomplish sensitive analysis of low concentrations of anions using a wide variety of columns and eluents.

Diduco AB was founded in 2014 by Professor Dr. Knut Irgum at Umeå University and is since 2015 managed by CEO Dr. Tobias Jonsson. The company is privately owned and operates from modern laboratories in Uminova science park. Diduco is supported by the business incubators Uminova Innovation and Umeå Biotech Incubator and receives funds from the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova.

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